Ellen Iva Rosewig

Single particle mass spectrometry of aerosol particles

In single particle mass spectrometry, individual particles are measured by mass spectrometry. In this case, via an aerosol time-of-flight mass spectrometer. In this process, individual particles are ionized by laser pulses and then analyzed. Information is obtained not only on chemical composition, but also on size (via time-of-flight). A special feature of the setup used in Rostock is a multi-stage ionization, which makes it possible to detect polyaromatic hydrocarbons more sensitively. These polyaromatic hydrocarbons have been proven to be particularly harmful to health.

In addition to its versatility in environmental chemistry, it is also possible to use single particle mass spectrometry for the detection of safety-relevant substances. Since it is possible to evaluate the results in real time, this can represent a significant advancement for safety screening in logistics.


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