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Welcome to the working group of Prof. Dr. Ralf Zimmermann!

Working group trip to Wismar in 2018.
2017, Greifswald, Wendelstein 7-X research reactor
2016, Lübeck

Welcome to the working group of Professor Zimmermann! Here, mass spectrometry is the method of choice. In our group, you can find quadrupoles, time-of-flight systems as well as high resolution ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry. Besides the high important teaching part in general analytics, instrumental analytics and - of course - mass spectrometry, we have to main research areas: 1) The investigation of the effects of different aerosols on health as well as their chemical characterisation and 2) the development and application of new mass spectrometric methods for specific questions. In Rostock, these focus areas are conducted by three thematic groups:

1) Thermal analysis hyphenated to photoionisation mass spectrometry (Leader: Dr. Thorsten Streibel)

Photoionisation by means of laser systems hyphenated to mass spectrometry has a long tradition in Rostock. Due to hyphenation of a thermal balance to photoionisation time of flight mass spectrometry, important information from evaporation and pyrolysis of solid samples can be gained.

2) Aerosol laser mass spectrometry (Leader: Dr. Johannes Passig)

Which is the chemical compositions of single particles in the ambient air? This question is addressed by our second thematic group with the help of our aerosol time of flight mass spectrometer (ATOF). The organic composition of the particle’s shell as well as the chemical composition of the core of one single particle can be measured by this system!

3) High resolution mass spectrometry (Leader: Dr. Martin Sklorz)

High resolution mass spectrometry enables the assignment of individual sum formulae in complex mixtures because of its capability to determine the mass-to-charge ratio with high accuracy and its high mass resolution. In Rostock, we work on the further development of ionisation and fragmentation techniques as well as method development in the fields of Petroleomics and aerosol research.


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