Modern methods of mass spectrometry and chromatography

The seminar of the Joint Mass Spectrometry Centre Rostock-Munich (JMSC) takes also place in summer term 2021 with presenters from academic or industrial research. It provides a deeper insight into developments and applications in the field of mass spectrometry and chromatography, which can subsequently be discussed.

The seminar takes place - if not otherwise stated - on Tuesdays at 17:30 h in seminar room 110 of the Research Building of the Department “Life, Light, Matter” of the Interdisciplinary Faculty of the University of Rostock, Albert-Einstein-Straße 25, 18059 Rostock. The lectures are also transmitted via Team Viewer. The Team Viewer links will be published with the announcement of the speaker.

+++ Note: Due to the currently applicable contact restrictions and hygiene regulations, the lecture will be broadcast online via Zoom. The Zoom links and QR-codes will be published per email with the announcement of the lecturer. Please contact Mrs Kühl to recieve the information. +++

All interested parties are welcome!

Dates of the MS seminar in winter term 2021/22

Date Speaker Title
18.10.21 (Mo) Christian Menhard & Dominic Kastner, InnoLas Laser GmbH, Krailling, Germany Nd:YAG lasers and optical parametric oscillators (OPO) as sources for laser mass spectrometric measurements.
26.10.21 Prof. Dr. Sylvia Speller, Department of Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces University of Rostock, Rostock, Germany Scanning Probe Microscopy Studies of living cells
15.11 (Mo) Dr. Sebastiano Di Bucchianico, Comprehensive Molecular Analytics, Helmholtz Zentrum München, Munich, Germany Genotoxic and mutagenic hazard of atmospheric air pollution
23.11 Dr. Gerhard Steiner, GRIMM Aerosol Technik Ainring GmbH & Co. KG, Ainring, Germany From Micro to Nano. Covering the size range from 35μm to 1nm with Grimm Aerosol Size Spectrometers.
29.11 (Mo) Prof. Dr. Marcus Rieker, HORIBA Europe Ltd., Oberursel, Germany TBA
07.12 Prof. Dr. Johan Øvrevik, Division of Climate and Environmental Health Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norway Beyond oxidative stress: Mechanisms of combustion particle toxicity and the potential importance of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
11.01.22 Prof. Dr. Gunnar Dittmar, Proteomics of Cellular Signaling Université de Luxembourg, Strassen, Luxembourg TBA
18.01.22 Prof. Dr. Jeroen Buters, Center for Allergy and Environment (ZAUM) Technical University and Helmholtz Center Munich, Munich, Germany TBA
25.01.22 Prof. Dr. Jan Hovorka, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic TBA


Bachelor Chemie Master Chemie LAC MBT
LV 13310 Analytische Chemie IA - Grundlagen der Analytischen Chemie LV 13587 Analytische Chemie III/ TC II - Instrumentelle Analytik & Biotechnologie LV 13574 Analytische Chemie I - Grundlagen und Umweltchemie LV 13582 Analytische und Physikalische Chemie für MBT
LV 13325 Analytische Chemie IIA, Umweltanalytik LV 13468 Analytische Chemie IV - Ökologische Chemie LV 13582 Analytische Chemie II - Strukturaufklärung  
LV 13324 Strukturanalytik I, Massenspektrometrie LV 13469 Analytische Chemie V - Moderne MEthoden der Massenspektrometrie und Chromatographie LV 13583 Analytische Chemie III - Umweltanalytik  
  LV 13327 Aktuelle Themen in der Massenspektrometrie    

Bachelor Chemie Master Chemie LAC MBT/AUF
LV 13321 Analytische Chemie I - Analytisch Chemisches Grundpraktikum LV 13471 Methodenpraktikum LV 13582 Analytische Chemie II - Strukturaufklärung LV 13530 Grundlagen der Chemie für Argrarwissenschaftler
LV 13325 Analytische Chemie II - Instrumentelle Analytik   LV 13581 Fortgeschrittenen Praktikum - Instrumentelle Chemie Analytische und Technische Chemie für Fortgeschrittene LV 13582 Analytische und Physikalische Chemie für MBT