Modern methods of mass spectrometry and chromatography

The seminar of the Joint Mass Spectrometry Centre Rostock-Munich (JMSC) takes also place in summerterm 2023 with presenters from academic or industrial research. It provides a deeper insight into developments and applications in the field of mass spectrometry and chromatography as well as biochemistry and toxicology, which can subsequently be discussed.

The seminar takes place - if not otherwise stated - on Tuesdays at 17:30 h in seminar room 110 of the Research Building of the Department “Life, Light, Matter” of the Interdisciplinary Faculty of the University of Rostock, Albert-Einstein-Straße 25, 18059 Rostock. 

All interested parties are welcome!

Dates of the Seminar on Analytical Chemistry and Aerosol Science in the winter term 2023/24

Date Speaker Title
07.11.23 Prof. Dr. Johan Mellqvist, Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg, Sweden Advancements in Remote Measurement Techniques for Studying real world Ship Emissions
14.11.23 (Hörsaal 2, Institut für Physik) Prof. Dr. Janne Jänis, University of Eastern Finland Joensuu, Finland Comprehensive molecular description of recycled plastics with direct inlet probe– atmospheric pressure chemical ionization combined with high-resolution mass spectrometry
21.11.23 Dr. Haseeb Hakim Analytical Chemistry, University of Rostock Rostock, Germany Detection and quantification of trace gases in ambient air and vehicular exhaust: Decoding the urban atmosphere of Indo-Gangetic Plain (IGP)
05.12.23 Ph.D. HDR Alexandre Albinet, Reference Laboratory of Air Quality Monitoring (LCSQA) Verneuil-en-Halatte, France Aerosol sources and toxicity: a molecular perspective
06.12.23 (Mittwoch, ganzer Tag) Prof. Dr. Xiangdong Li, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Research Institute for Sustainable Urban Development, Kowloon, Hong Kong Joint Hong Kong-German Workshop on Aerosol and Health
09.01.24 Dr. Lutz Pfeifer & Dr. Jens Riedel LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH, BAM Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und – prüfung, Berlin, Germany Laser induzierte Plasma Spektroskopie – Instrumentierung und Anwendungen
16.01.24 Prof. Dr. Anke Nölscher University of Bayreuth, Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences, Department Atmospheric Chemistry, Bayreuth, Germany TBA
23.01.24 Prof. Dr. Raimund Horn & Prof. Dr. Malte Behrens Hamburg University of Technology, Hamburg Kiel University, Kiel, Germany TBA


Bachelor Chemie Master Chemie LAC MBT
LV 13310 Analytische Chemie IA - Grundlagen der Analytischen Chemie LV 13587 Analytische Chemie III/ TC II - Instrumentelle Analytik & Biotechnologie LV 13574 Analytische Chemie I - Grundlagen und Umweltchemie LV 13582 Analytische und Physikalische Chemie für MBT
LV 13325 Analytische Chemie IIA, Umweltanalytik LV 13468 Analytische Chemie IV - Ökologische Chemie LV 13582 Analytische Chemie II - Strukturaufklärung  
LV 13324 Strukturanalytik I, Massenspektrometrie LV 13469 Analytische Chemie V - Moderne MEthoden der Massenspektrometrie und Chromatographie LV 13583 Analytische Chemie III - Umweltanalytik  
  LV 13327 Aktuelle Themen in der Massenspektrometrie    

Bachelor Chemie Master Chemie LAC MBT/AUF
LV 13321 Analytische Chemie I - Analytisch Chemisches Grundpraktikum LV 13471 Methodenpraktikum LV 13582 Analytische Chemie II - Strukturaufklärung LV 13530 Grundlagen der Chemie für Argrarwissenschaftler
LV 13325 Analytische Chemie II - Instrumentelle Analytik   LV 13581 Fortgeschrittenen Praktikum - Instrumentelle Chemie Analytische und Technische Chemie für Fortgeschrittene LV 13582 Analytische und Physikalische Chemie für MBT