Paul Kösling

AerOrbi - Aerosol soft photo ionisation Orbitrap mass spectrometry

The 'AerOrbi' project focuses on the characterization of aerosols using a high-resolution Orbitrap mass analyzer and the implementation of various inlet modules for this purpose. Therefore, an Orbitrap benchtop model is modified and the resulting 'naked' Orbitrap integrated into three different systems. The Orbitrap inlet configurations are used for direct measurements of the aerosol gas phase (online measurements), particulate matter sampling and thermal desorption (modified aethalometer inlet module) and finally for single particle measurements. For the systems mentioned, resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization is used for the first time as a soft ionization method which, in contrast to existing Systems, offers the possibility to study non-polar aromatics with high sensitivity.

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Paul Kösling
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